Dette er nytt i 3.4 Soul Surrender


Patch 3.4 for Final Fantasy XIV, med navnet Soul Surrender slippes 27. september, og med bare noen få dager igjen har vi fått tilgang til traileren for oppdateringen.

Patch-notater er også på plass, i tillegg til en haug med nye skjermbilder.

Trailer for Soul Surrender

Patch-notater for Soul Surrender

PvP Duelsffxiv_screenshot_pub_patch3_1474456827-4_31_21-09-2016

Looking for practice before you head into the Feast, or maybe just a quick scrap with your friends? Then you’ll want to head to the new dueling arena at the Wolves’ Den Pier. As this is a non-instanced area, the only thing you need is a friend─or foe─willing to accept your challenge.

PvP Custom Matches and Spectator Mode

If you have two parties looking

to duke it out, then sign up for a custom match and hop into the Feast without delay. Have a third group of friends who want to watch? They’ll have front row seats with the new spectator mode. Whether you’re in the thick of the action or spectating from the sidelines, you’re sure to have fun with this new PvP option.

Containment Bay P1T6

History tells of a Meracydian nation comprised of a multitude of races, the foundations of which were built on the worship of a single deity. The «Goddess,» as she was simply known, graced the souls of her worshipers with perfect equilibrium, binding their disparate societies in gilded chains of harmony.

In the present day, she is better known as Sophia, one of the incalculably powerful eikons of the Warring Triad. And after five thousand years of imprisonment, her failed plans for vengeance once more threaten to come to fruition. Defeat the wakened thralls and slay the stirring Goddess, lest her divine «balance» bring all the world to equal ruin!

Alexander: The Creatorffxiv_ok_screenshot_pub_patch3_1474456843-4_39_21-09-2016

Roundrox remains in dire straits, and soon the Illuminati will have all they need to rewrite history in their twisted image. As the black ink of fate is pressed to parchment, it is up to the Warrior of Light to wrestle the pen from the clutches of evil. Thus does our brave hero journey once more unto the breach, to discover what secrets lie at the heart of Alexander, and prove the would-be goblin prophet false.

Adventurer Squadrons

The Grand Companies are seeking adventurers to take charge of a new special forces initiative. Assume the role of squadron leader to train and command fledgling soldiers looking to rise up in the ranks.

Grand Company Promotions

After taking command of a squadron, your exploits in this new initiative can earn you a promotion to first lieutenant!

New Mounts

Rule the skies atop a glorious bird, blessed by the goddess Sophia.

New Minionsffxiv_screenshot_pub_patch3_1474456828-4_46_21-09-2016

Minion collectors rejoice─a new set of wind-up toys is here! A dashing yet adorable new Thancred minion and a loveable little piglet.

New Hairstyles

New hairstyles have come to Eorzea! Whether you prefer your hair down, swept up, or even with an undercut, these new hairstyles for both men and women are sure to impress.

New Crafting Recipes

Take the market by sto

rm with an assortment of new crafting recipes!

Deep Dungeon – Palace of the Dead Update

The dead remain restless, and the architect behind the Palace of the Dead unseen. Though none have lived to tell the tale true, some explorers claim the maze now reaches some two hundred floors below the Shroud. What horrors await the brave souls who would delve into the darkest depths of the ruins?

Palace of the Dead Rankings

See how you measure up to your fellow adventurers in the Palace of the Dead with a new ranking system. Level up, ready your aetherpool gear, and race to the darkest depths of the deep dungeon!

Anima Weapon

After many tests and trials, the anima would appear to be at the pinnacle of perfection. To that end, Ardashir is making preparations to return to the Near East that he might present his findings. Gerolt, on the other hand, believes there is yet work to be done. Could our resident drunkard and realm-renown blacksmith hold the key to the anima’s advancement?

Wondrous Tails

Khloe Aliapoh is seeking inspiration to breathe new life into her stories. Take up her journal, the Wondrous Tails, and fill it with pages of your heroic feats, that she might craft new tales of her own. The more stories you have to share, the better the rewards!

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